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SOL #5

SOL #5

Click here to read more inspirational posts.

Click here to read more inspirational posts.

Today is Day 5 of the Slice of Life Challenge at the Two Writing Teachers blog.  I am cross posting this for Holly Mueller’s Spiritual Thursday round up.  There we are writing each week about another blogger’s one little word.  This week is Libby’s word Adventure.

Reach copy

My OLW is Reach.  Much like the word Adventure, it leads to something new, coming out of your comfort zone, and being open to what may lie ahead.

My husband and I are workaholics.  It’s part of our DNA.  Together we raised three daughters.  This took up a lot of time, and so did our jobs. When we became empty nesters, I took on National Boards.  The process was one of growth and reflection; however, it did nothing to build a stronger relationship with my husband.

In 2010, at his suggestion, I gave Jeff dancing lessons for Christmas. He wanted us to have something special together. Together we wanted to enjoy the Cajun/Creole culture more.  After that first round of lessons, we signed on for group lessons.  We’ve been going every Wednesday night since  (except one period of time when I was recovering from an ankle injury.)Even though we’ve been dancing for 4 years now, we still learn something new every week.

We are more open to new musical adventures. We recently discovered some fun local music.  On the first Sunday of every month, a Western swing band plays at the Feed-n-Seed.  This band is made up of ten musicians, most of whom are in other bands.  They are the best musicians around.  They do this just for the love of it.  No one is making any money.  You can feel the love in the room.

We haven’t learned any swing moves, so we just dance the jitterbug and two-step.  Energy is high.  Everyone wears smiles.  Reaching for adventure is taking a step away from the usual, embracing your partner, and two-stepping through life.  

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