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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

high water

It’s been raining for days. You can hear the grass growing. Everything is lush and green, but at some point the ground gets saturated and overflows. When the rain comes too fast, the water floods the streets. On Friday, businesses closed early so people could make their slow flooded way home.

Sometimes we do this to our students. This week I attended the Rice University AP Institute. My brain went into flood mode. Too much information in, not enough draining out. I learned a valuable lesson about being a student. Finally on Friday, we were given the time to design our own lessons. The room was buzzing. My colleagues and I designed a frame for our teaching this year. We were able to sit and talk and process the water of information. We must give our students this time.

Digital learning can be about gaining knowledge, but mostly it is about processing knowledge. This summer I’ve been flooded with new ways for my students to process information. I’ll need to hand this learning over to them and give them time to find the right application for them. Will it be Prezi, Thinglink, or Haiku Deck? Maybe blogging, Animoto, or Tapestry? The important thing is to control the flood waters, try not to overwhelm them, and give then the time to process and apply.

Let’s continue the conversation about online learning communities for our students. Sheri Edwards has set up an edublog called Connect 2 Learn. Check it out and add your ideas.

The Educator Collaborative is Live! Join the group. Besty Hubbard has a group for Young Writers.

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