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Follow this link to read more spiritual journey posts.

Fragments of sin are a part of me.
New brooms shall sweep clean the heart of me.
Shall they? Shall they?

When this light life shall have passed away,
God shall redeem me, a castaway.
Shall He? Shall He?
–Marianne Moore, public domain

Holly Mueller invites us to reflect on our spiritual journey each week. Today her theme is Follow. I also subscribe to Kim Douillard’s blog Thinking Through My Lens. She invited me to think about containers. So my creative-spiritual being thought about these things while I visited St. Marks Cathedral in Seattle today. We went to Centering Prayer. Sitting in silence in this holy space was a special gift. I let go completely and allowed my mind to rest.

The container of my mind holds many fragments.
Closing my eyes in prayer,
letting the mantra cleanse me, I am freed.
My container is opened.

We are called to Follow as we are called to Be still and know.
Today I looked into the font at the entrance to St. Marks and saw this reflection.
A God-centered mind will reflect only love.

St. Marks font

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