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Click here to read more #spiritualjourney posts.  Thanks Holly for hosting this roundup!

Click here to read more #spiritualjourney posts. Thanks Holly for hosting this roundup!

Advent is here. I never feel ready. I haven’t bought my purple candles. I don’t have a Christmas tree yet. I do have some greenery, only because I ordered it in October, and it was delivered this week. I am always caught by surprise.

Advent means coming, the time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. This happens every year. Why do we come back year after year? I reflect as I unwrap the baby Jesus for the traditional creche. I wonder while I wrap the tree in twinkle lights. Why do we keep doing this?

December has only just begun and already I feel behind. I take a moment to watch the sun set and find comfort in the knowledge that Christmas will come even if I don’t put out the creche or decorate the tree. Christmas will come even if I don’t sing a single carol.

I decide to be intentional.

I will decorate slowly.
I will buy a few gifts every day.
I will celebrate the coming of Christ
while realizing he is already here.

Advent is a magical time,
a time to be reflective and intentional.
A time to open my arms
and welcome God’s presence
whether wrapped in paper, a blanket, or a smile.
A time to embrace hope and look for a star.

This beautiful rendition of Hallelujah was posted on Facebook. Listening to it helped me to stop, slow down, and write this post. Christmas is coming. Christmas will come. And with that coming, a new life begins again. Let us remember to rejoice.

“A Hallelujah Christmas” by Cloverton from Ross Wooten on Vimeo.

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