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Find more Poetry Friday with Anastasia at Booktalking #kidlit

Find more Poetry Friday with Anastasia at Booktalking #kidlit


Round one for the CYBILS judging has begun. I am a round one judge for poetry. What this means for this poetry lover is there is a new book at my door every day. My collection is building, and I love reading them all. I look forward to discussions with other judges to see what they are thinking. I also love poetry people.

Today I’d like to review two of the books I have received. Note that this review does not in any way reveal where these books will go in the line-up for the CYBILS award. It is merely my opinion.

Dear Wandering Wildebeest

I have met Irene Latham thanks to a quick pass at a session at NCTE. She is as lovely as her picture. I did not know what a wildebeest was until I got her new book of poetry. It is a good thing that each page not only features a poem but also factual information.

beasts poem

The poetry bounces with the impala “twig pops/grazing stops” and peeps like the meerkat, “I sing my song:/peep peep peep/ It means, we’re safe!/ Forage! Sleep!”

Word play with “Saw-scaled viper/ rubs, shrugs,/ sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzles.”
Form play in Triptych for a Thirsty Giraffe.
Humor of “Dung Beetle lays eggs/ in elephant poop.”
And even danger, “Siren-howls/ foul the air./ Vultures stick to task:”
Children will love the language and learning that wanders in this book along with the animals of the watering hole.

P is for Pirate

You may be inclined to say enough with the ABC books, and I was too until I saw this delightfully evil book by Eve Bunting. The seven to eleven year old boys that I teach would love this book of short poems and loads of nonfiction commentary about pirates. I am saving it for next year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. The illustrations by John Manders are full of action and character. My favorite one is the Movie Pirates. There is a hidden cheat sheet at the end of the book for identifying the actors.

Pirates in movies

What I love about both of these poetry books is students can gain a love of language while reading about an interesting and engaging topic. I am off to read more poetry!

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