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Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

My phone is like a visual diary of my week. I take pictures of things I care about. I finished the prayer shawl I was making for Glenae. It is easily one of the most beautiful things I have ever made. I could tell she loved it by the way she held it close and fingered it. She signed the word “soft.” She is making progress slowly and will be moving to a rehab center soon. Seeing her, talking to her, and feeling her gentle spirit gave me hope for her recovery. If you have added her to your prayer list, keep it going. I believe she feels the strength of many.
Glenae and shawl

A Go Fund Me was set up for Glenae’s expenses. In just 7 days, they have far exceeded their goal. People are reaching out to help. I am encouraged by the number of students and parents who are donating. We have a strong and supportive community.

Temple tour
On Tuesday, my students and I toured the local Buddhist Temple, Wat Thammarattanaram. This amazing temple is set back in a quiet neighborhood in Coteau, which literally means country. We know very little about Buddhism and about our own community. My students, their parents, and I were fascinated to hear about this hidden gem.

We also went to the Shadows, a local plantation home and tourist attraction. Every year, the gifted elementary students in the parish perform a historical play for the first graders. My students love dressing in the period costumes, learning their lines, and feeling the joy of performing. I love this picture of the white camellias blooming.

duck rescue

My friend was vacationing at Orange Beach in Alabama and sent me an email about her duck rescue. I shortened it into a found poem here.

Along the beach yesterday
I saw a duck trying to swim,
obviously in distress.
The bird’s leg and wing were all tangled
in fishing line.
I waded out into the waves.
The water was dragging her in.
We managed to cut the line.
Wildlife and Fisheries came to the rescue.
She was given a clean bill of health.
We watched her waddle back to the water
and head for Florida.

A wonderful week filled with loving, learning, and rescuing.

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