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Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

SOL #21

SOL #21

Today is Saturday! Charlie knows this, somehow. He greets Saturday with enthusiasm and anticipation. “Maybe we will take a walk?” he asks. I celebrate this bundle of joy.

Charlie Saturday

This was testing week. While I was proctoring, I was able to finish this prayer shawl. It will go to a friend with breast cancer. I celebrate the gift of time and prayer.

prayer shawl Becky A

I celebrate my blogging community. I read many blogs daily and gain insight and inspiration, make connections, and feel loved and appreciated. Your posts inspire me. Your comments sustain me. On Tuesday, I felt my writing was dried up, so I went on a hunt for lines and wrote this found poem. Your words came together into beautiful poetry. I celebrate words.

I celebrate poetry. My students have been reading and voting in the March Madness Poetry (MMPoetry) at ThinkKidThink. Yesterday, while we were reading and voting, my 3rd grader Lani wrote this post.

Today in class we voted on thinkkidthink.com. We had to listen to Mrs.Simon read A LOT of poems. Some of them were good poems, but some poems were VERY confusing. Like this one that Reed is reading, ”How To Be A Big Bad Wolf.” I did not understand it but, I still voted on it. Some poems, you think will be non-understandable based on the title but, the poem turns out to be understandable.

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