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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for Tuesdays Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for Tuesdays Slice of Life Challenge.

I am sharing my gift of words with you on Tuesday hoping to encourage you to join Poetry Friday. I was nudged by a blogging teacher friend to enter this community a few years ago. I have met some of my favorite people through this link up every Friday. One of these people whom I love and admire is Tabatha Yeatts. Tabatha organizes a poetry gift exchange every summer and around Christmas.

Summer Poem Swap 2015 smaller copy

Once you let Tabatha know you want to participate, she matches you up and sends out a prompt every few weeks. Her first prompt reflected back to Michelle Barnes’ ditty challenge for May, Nikki Grimes’ word play poem. You can read about the prompt here.

Tabatha sent me a poem last week. She chose the word “dance” because she associated that word with me. I love that. I also love her poem.

Zydeco dancing

Zydeco dancing

dance is a word
by Tabatha Yeatts
for Margaret

dance is a word
that flexes brawny muscles

to lift you up in the air
and land you gently on the ground.

dance sweeps and curls,
curves and arches,

giving everything
to sound.

dance matches song
to heartbeat,

pairing the rush of your blood
to the swish of your feet.

Here’s a peek at my gift. I covered a little notebook and placed my poem inside. Sh! Don’t tell. I want it to be a surprise.

little journal gift

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