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Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

Ruth’s round up of celebrations reminds me each week, no matter what, that there is much to celebrate and I should take the time to just do it. So here I am.



Achastity and me



On Tuesdays, I serve at Solomon House, a local food bank and mission of my church. This week, my friend wanted to ride along to do the Starbucks and Cane’s pick up. (These two places donate their day old bread and pastries.) We took this selfie as we enjoyed Cane’s fries. Nothing like the joy of a child to brighten my day.




crape myrtle





Summer is heating up. My morning walks are hot, nearing 90 degrees with high humidity. Much like a walk through a sauna; however, I celebrate the blooming crape myrtle trees. They reach out with bright blossoms like fireworks.



Jack and goldfish



Jack and I went to Bonne Terre Cottage to have a little writing retreat and to visit our friend, Jen. We had a lovely day. I celebrate sacred spaces and good friends.






One of my favorite fruits of summer is watermelon. It tastes even better when someone else cuts it and serves it in a pottery bowl. I celebrate the sweet fruits of summer.


I cannot end this celebration post without mentioning the historical celebration that is moving the earth. I celebrate the freedom of all people to marry. I am approaching my 33rd anniversary with my husband. Now everyone can participate in this sacred bond; everyone is equally entitled to lawfully wed. There is a wave of change. It may cause a high tide, but this wave has washed over many and said, “You are OK.” I am hopeful in the rainbow.




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