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Oh Christmas Tree

Poetry Friday round-up with Tara at A Teaching Life

Poetry Friday round-up with Tara at A Teaching Life


The multiple pictures of Christmas trees started showing up on Facebook before Thanksgiving.  The more pictures posted, the more anxious I became.  When we moved into this house eleven years ago, I didn’t get a tree until Dec. 18th, and Christmas came anyway.  So what made me think on Dec. 1st that I was running behind?  Should I let Facebook run my life?  Get a grip.

My tree is here.  We ventured out last Saturday afternoon to find the just-right one.  It’s up.  There are lights on it.  That’s all.

I know I will enjoy putting the ornaments on.  I will travel through the years and think of all the kids I have taught.  I love the ones that mark “Baby’s First Christmas” and other milestones. Many memories in the box.  But I can’t make myself do it yet.  What am I waiting for? (A chunk of time that seems to get more and more elusive with each new December day.)


Christmas tree 15

Tall evergreen in my living room,

long branches reach out,

my fingers touch your soft fur.

I’ll adorn you soon.

But today I watch

your twinkle lights


–Margaret Simon


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