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Poetry Friday round-up with Irene Latham at Live your Poem.

Poetry Friday round-up with Irene Latham at Live your Poem.

St. Nick visit

Merry Christmas Poetry Friday! My celebration began last night at our Christmas Eve service. St. Nick visits each year and tells a story to the children. He also leaves candy in their shoes that they left at the church door. Since it was 80 degrees yesterday, their little bare feet did not get cold.

On Christmas Eve Eve, our choir with some children tag alongs went caroling at two local assisted living facilities. We brought Santa along. I love this picture of Baby Jacques cuddling up to Santa.

Jacques with Santa

Tabatha Yeatts gathers names and addresses to spark a poetry exchange. I received a lovely package from Linda Baie in cold Colorado. She sent a poet’s set from our own Robyn Hood Black’s Etsy shop.

Poetry gift exchange

Linda crafted a black-out poem especially for me and mounted it on a Christmas collage. It’s lovely.

Christmas poem from Linda

passage home
round the lamp
beam each one in his own way,
making others idle
giving coats
strong enough
for bad weather.
lined on the inside with flannel,
every one did something
for the season

Friday, December 25th.
This day was Christmas;
all day long, and
a holiday dinner
Old Style celebrated
drank, ate

finished all
another answered
very well
magnificent light
carrying us
fine day

–Linda Baie

Winter Poem Swap 2015 smaller copy

May you and yours enjoy this day and always the blessings of Christmas Joy.

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