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A Story in Haiku

Poetry Friday round-up with Diane at Random Noodling

Poetry Friday round-up with Diane at Random Noodling

Won Ton and Chopstick  is a cutie-pie story in haiku.  I shared it with my students this week and a funny thing happened.  They were compelled to read it chorally.  These short verses about Won Ton, the cat, and his new friend (maybe) Chopstick, the puppy,  are clever and witty.

Wonton and Chopstick

Won Ton and Chopstick by Lee Wardlow

When searching for a website, I came across this great activity for kids.  Wish I had found it sooner!

We  quickly figured out that it’s not so easy to write a story in haiku.  I tried a few drafts about my cat Mimi.

Bow tie mustache bites
at open faucet, waiting
for drip-water to fall.

Oh, that Christmas tree,
lights and hanging ornaments
a feline playground.

Rip, tear, gnaw, paw, rip
Ribbon scatters, glitter rains,
Here’s the cardboard box.

–Margaret Simon

Mimi Christmas Tree

Lynzee, first grade, and I worked together.  She’s been studying pandas for her passion project, so she wanted to write a panda story.

Two Pandas

Brother panda eats
bamboo leaves high on a shoot
Chomp! Chomp! Delicious!

The Unexpected Surprise

Brother pounces hard
wakes Sister with a Beep! Beep!
Then he runs away.

Mother Saves the Day

Sister yawns lazily
runs inside to Mother
who holds mug of warm tea.


Emily is in gifted art class.  She is working on a hero art project.  Her hero is Cynthia Lord who wrote A Handful of Stars.  This post tells why.

a handful of stars
all shades of blue and purple
blueberries fill page

patterns and designs
with stars,stripes,splatters, and dots
it’s a masterpiece

finalizing it
adding the stars on top
Cynthia Lord, proud


Madison, 2nd grade, chose Atlantis on Wonderopolis this week and made her poem into an Animoto video.







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