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Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

This was our last week of school. On Tuesday, Vannisa spent the whole day with me finishing the Unsung Hero project. She finished the script, annotated bibliography, documentary video, and process paper. Whew! This was a group project for our 6th grade gifted students all year long, but our last group meeting was in April. The finishing touches were tedious, yet had to be done to submit the project to the Lowell Milken Unsung Hero Discovery Award.

I celebrate Vannisa’s persistence and commitment to this project. I hope at some future time to be able to share the video and story.

On Thursday after report card hand-out, I traveled to New Orleans to see two of my daughters. We had a lovely dinner together. I celebrate being the mom of happy, successful adults.

On Friday, I drove home to be with my parents. Dad’s art was in a show of winners of previous juried shows at The Cedars in Jackson. This drawing was my favorite. When Dad spoke of it, he said he figured out that it was OK to leave white space. We talked about how the white space is integral to the composition.

Heron, pen and ink pointillism by John Gibson.

Heron, pen and ink pointillism by John Gibson.

My parents, Dot and John Gibson with Dad's art.

My parents, Dot and John Gibson with Dad’s art.

Now I am sitting on the back porch at the lake enjoying a cup of coffee with Dad and listening to the calls of the birds. I celebrate time to slow down, time to be here, time…

Lake sunset

Lake sunset

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