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Violet has invited us to write about Special Days for May’s Spiritual Journey first Thursday blog posts.  Special Days in our family have changed over the years.  From those birthdays when I made the cake, sewed the dress, planned the activities to a simple card, check, and a phone call.

My three daughters are all grown and have lives of their own.  I’m glad that empty nest comes in stages.  I think each stage gets a little harder.  When they are gone to college, we still see them on holidays.  When they are single, we can call and talk for a long time.  But now that there are husbands, family has taken on a new dimension.  My mothering is needed less and less.  This coming Mother’s Day may be the last when I am The Mom. (Prayers said for grandchildren.)

I have learned that I have to speak out loud about what I want for my special day.  This year I’ve asked that we all be together.  Being together has come to mean so much.  My daughters are best friends.  When we are together, my husband says it’s like a sorority.  I absolutely love having adult children, and I savor every precious moment with them.

In her book A Maze Me, Naomi Shihab Nye speaks to me in this poem about not only the days of the week, but also the years of our lives.


I hope Sunday’s slow and long,
steeped like a pot of mint tea.
Soft sun and deep thinking.

Saturday was a crowded calendar page,
a mound of chores.

Could Monday be a porch?
Facing the week.
Wednesday a meadow?

Thursday, let’s leave
small baskets at everyone’s door.
Flowers, notes, stone.
No one does that anymore.

Could a week be strung on a silver chain?
A boat?
A tree?
Tuesday as a tree?

–Naomi Shihab Nye



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