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SOLC2019: #9 Sleeping Baby

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There is magic in a sleeping baby.  My grandson is 3 months old, and I had the opportunity to spend part of my day yesterday with him.  My daughter doesn’t ask me to babysit often, so when I do, I’m all in.  That is all I do.  When I arrived at her home, she said, “He’s sleepy, but he doesn’t want to be in his bed.”

So I took him in my arms and rocked him to sleep and just held him.  Life stood still.  There was no place I needed to be.  Nothing that needed doing.  I let go and felt the peace and warmth of a sleeping baby.

One of my friends is in the midst of a battle with cancer.  She told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to hold a baby.  The mother of four teenagers was aching for that calming simplicity of a newborn in her arms.  Because I was off yesterday, I picked up Leo from his sitter and brought him over to see her.  We marveled at how constant the work is with an infant.  Changing, feeding, holding…

As I was talking to my daughter on the phone saying, “He’s fussy, but he won’t take the bottle.”

She responded, “He’s probably just tired.”

And I looked over at Amy who was gently rocking and patting him to sleep.  Ah, the wonder of a sleeping baby.  I secretly pray he has healing powers, too.

Gentle calm of a sleeping baby

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