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I take inspiration wherever it comes from.  My friend and I recently discussed the book Big Magic.  He said, “It really works.  I send the wish out into the universe and inspiration comes.”

I’ve subscribed to Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac .

Every day there is a poem to read and other short articles about famous birthdays and historical events.

Yesterday was Robert Frost’s birthday.  I love this quote from Robert Frost about poetry.

Using a line from Robert Frost’s poem A Prayer in Spring, and keeping this quote in mind, I wrote a poem.

Keep Us Here

With this spring day
while pollen dances on the wind
while blossoms open to the sun,
keep us here.

With our true love
gathering flowers in a vase
digging deep in the earth
keep us here.

With our eyes on death,
holy is the dirt.
Holy is your face.
Keep us here.

–Margaret Simon

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