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The second Sunday of each month is reserved for a dancing date with my husband, Jeff.  Stop the Clock is our favorite band.  They play Texas Swing music that goes back to Bob Wills.  I found a video from October 2017 that shows Jeff and me dancing at around 2:16.  

Last night the crowd was bigger and even more diverse. I tried to capture it in a poem, but really you just had to be there.

Dancers at the Feed-n-Seed

Some people sit
around a circle table
out-of-towners enjoying the local scene.

Some people lean at the bar,
But most are on the dance floor.

East coast Swing!

New couples
Old couples
Dancers working on craft
and those who just don’t care–
Let’s move up, down, all around.

The musician tunes his ear to sound.
Mom dances with her son.
Sisters swing,
friends hug.
Hippies, Yuppies, and Cowboys.

Strangers are not strangers anymore
on the worn wooden Feed-n-Seed
dance floor.

(draft) Margaret Simon

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