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Poetry Friday round up is at The Logonauts.

Poetry Friday round up is at The Logonauts.


Have you ever played Apples to Apples?  It’s a game my gifted students enjoy, especially the highly verbal ones.  There are two sets of cards, green and red.  The green cards are adjectives.  The red ones, nouns.  The players each hold 5 red cards.  The judge for the round (rotates from player to player) places a green card in the middle.  Everyone plays a red card.  The judge chooses the best noun that fits with the adjective.  Simple, right?

I like simple.  I have been reading posts by the intelligent group of teachers participating in the CLMOOC, a collaborative learning community sponsored by the National Writing Project.  I have associated with NWP for 20 years now, and I am constantly challenged to think beyond the borders.  But with this make cycle, game design, much of the process and thinking has traveled well above my head.  I’m hanging in, though.  I decided to take what I know and just remake it to something I love.

I know Apples to Apples and I love poetry.  There you go…a new game.  I chose 3 sets of cards to play around with myself and then took pictures of 3 more sets for others to play with.  I have added a few sets and invite you to play a little bit today.  Follow the link to Google slides.  Have fun!




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