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This month I am playing with poetry with poet-teacher-blogger friends.  Feel free to play along.

I am also playing alongside my students.  We brought out the cookie sheets of magnetic poetry. I talked about two similar poem forms, the How to poem and the Things to do poem.  You can read their poems here.

I also played with my Word Swag app in my phone to create a more beautiful and professional looking image.

Here’s another on the cookie sheet.  I can’t remember who brilliantly suggested using cookie sheets for magnetic poetry, but it works great.  For an itinerant teacher like me, it’s a convenient way to carry them.  I also have some in a tin which works equally as well.  The lid of the tin serves as a composition space.

I have a new student, Maddox, in 4th grade.  Sometimes kids walk into my classroom already knowing how to be a poet.  Here is Maddox’s first poem.

How to Be a Storm

rock the ships below
boom like a thundering drum
blast the air with a gale
use your wrath in a tempestuous storm
then let the sun shine again

—Maddox, 4th grade




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