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Poetry Friday round-up  with Tara at A Teaching Life.

Poetry Friday round-up with Tara at A Teaching Life.

Over at Holly Mueller’s blog, Reading, Teaching, Learning, a group of us are writing about the spiritual aspects of our OLWs. Last week, we wrote about the word Believe. Irene Latham’s creed poem inspired me. I posted it on my kidblog site and asked my students to reflect on the meaning and to respond with their own beliefs. Today I am sharing Irene’s poem and my students’ responses.

I Could Say I Believe in the Ocean

But what I mean is,
I believe in water:
leagues wide
and miles deep,
still-cool-cold on one shore,
warm-salty on the other.

I believe in clownfish
and anemone,
riotous coral reef
and cruising grouper,

octopuses origami-ing
themselves into
castaway bottles
and now-you-see-em-
now-you-don’t krill
diving into
the mouths of whales.

I believe in turquoise
and teal, cobalt
and blacker-than-black.
In shipwrecks
and tsunamis
and deep-sea

I believe in a world
with enough anything
for everyone
where I am a boat
floating quiet
as a moon jellyfish,

weaving between sharks
and icebergs,
allowing the current
to carry me
wherever it will.
– Irene Latham

Student response poems:

I believe in life,

A world where nature blooms beautifully on the ground,

Where the sun is the light bulb of Earth,

Where animals are in love,

And a world where people are all treated equally no matter how different. –Kielan (6th grade)

I believe in unicorns,

dancing through the skies,

I believe in magic,

right before my eyes,

I believe in mermaids,

swimming through the seas. — Lynzee (1st grade)

And this response from Vannisa prompted me to look up the word sonder. I found an interesting YouTube video.

“I believe that you can’t judge a person when you first meet them, or barely know them. Every person you interact with or even just pass by, has a story and memories of their life that you know nothing about. I think it’s an interesting concept to think about. The word for this, which I think isn’t an actual word, is sonder. Some people live by quotes, but I think that sonder is a great word to live by. –Vannisa (6th grade)”

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