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Poetry Friday round-up with Mary Lee at A Year of Reading.

Poetry Friday round-up with Mary Lee at A Year of Reading.


The Time is Now: “Think back over the past year. What does the memory of each month feel like? What is its emotional tone, vibration, form? Write a poem in twelve parts that tries to capture each month’s abstract feeling in a single line or stanza. Like Wallace Stevens’s Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,”


I looked through Facebook and blog posts throughout the year to create this poem.  It may mean nothing to you, but it was a meaningful exercise for me. I hope you will find peace and kindness in 2016.


12 Ways of Looking at 2015


Sometimes on the bayou in January
light hides behind grey,
the owl hoots before sunset,
shadows disappear
and I watch
for a poem hiding there.


Sounds abound, poetic listening
beads flying to the beat
of the djembe drum.


Wonders lead us
to a masterful old oak
walking his roots
to hear his wisdom.

Watercolor painting of Mr. Al by Jerome Weber

Watercolor painting of Mr. Al by Jerome Weber


Are you an author,
a poet, an illustrator?
What are you doing in this place?
no faking it here.


Packing up mugs, vases, photos,
stories, memories,
voices of many children,
the heart of one teacher.


A walk in the woods,
I come across a doe,
eye to eye
we are mothers
holding in a moment
nature’s promise.


Life changes in an instant
gun shots in a theater
lives lost, lives changed,
tragedy closes in on home.


She must come, August
and paint me in the picture
of a daughter engaged to a boy.


Miles and miles to go
driving to Chicago
bringing a sister home.

Illinois farmlands

Illinois farmlands


She makes the dust fly!
Eating gumbo with queens
is the way to conquer the world.


Glow like the lemon in the sunlight.
Be the harvest.


Magic tricks, magic windows,
magical gifts, magical white wigs,
the season of magic is here.

–Margaret Simon

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