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Yesterday I tweeted a call for topic ideas.  Julianne suggested balance.  And now I’m stuck.  I liked that this was a topic that would make people think, but I wasn’t prepared for being stuck.

Balance is so open to interpretation.  Are we thinking about the balance of reading to writing, technology to paper, challenging to easy?  There are so many ways we can look at balance.  In my own life, I need to balance work with play, eating healthy foods, using my time wisely, and on and on.

I look at each one of my students as a small balancing act.  I need to give them enough but not too much.  This week we were behind.  Most of my students had spent their class time on creating digital Wonder presentations, so they hadn’t completed their writing assignments (Slice of Life and Reader response).  A few of them were actually in a panic over getting it all done.  The title of the day was “Finish it Friday.”

When I announced that I wanted to do a poetry activity, I heard groans.  I insisted that we all stop and take 5 minutes to write together.  This turned out to be a good decision.  Creative juices flowed.  My kids turned back to technology not as a chore but as a choice.  I posted some of the results on Poetry Friday.

Teaching gifted students is always a balancing act.  I want to challenge them to think deeper and work harder, and yet, I cannot forget that they are children.  They need creative play as well.  The best lessons are ones that balance the two.  The funny thing about my kids is even if the assignment is not all that creative, they find a way to interject their own voices.  They will be heard.

Kaiden’s presentation on how books are made included his own sense of humor as well as information on how paper became books.

Do you have "Da Knawledge?"

Do you have “Da Knawledge?”


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