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Poem-a-day #3, lune by Margaret Simon, image poems

Poem-a-day #3, lune by Margaret Simon, image poems



Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Yesterday was a glorious day to spend outside. But inside there was a valuable video conference, free PD in PJs at The Educator Collaborative.  So many rock stars in the education field all in one place.  I couldn’t pass it up, so after a walk with my dog, I came inside to watch and learn.

Some of my online friends were there, too.  I saw their Tweets.  I’ve invited them to reflect on this conference as well, so I am hoping we will have other DigiLit link-ups today.

The first hang-out presentation that I watched was #PoetryLove with JoEllen McCarthy, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Janet Wong, Alan Katz, Kim Doele & Members of the Poetry Club.  I enjoyed hearing some poems read aloud and the talk around how poetry has a place in the curriculum all year long.  Amy is writing a poem a day to Wonders from Wonderopolis.  My students love Wonderopolis, and I will show them Amy’s work this week as we begin our own poem a day writing projects. 

Kim Doele shared how she leads a Poetry Club at her school and writes grants to get visiting poets to her school.  Here is her post on hosting a poet at your school.

Catherine Flynn captured Mary Howard’s three power conditions that lead to deep reading.

tweet deep readingMary Howard repeated often that passion is important to reading.  If we don’t have a passion for what we are reading, we will not be able to do deep thinking.

 “Passion drives the deep thinking bus.”  –Dr. Mary Howard 


read aloud tweet

Joining Dr. Mary Howard was Linda Hoyt who discussed the importance of read aloud in every grade level.  I loved how some Tweeters were capturing quotes in fancy backgrounds.  The above Tweet was created by Leah O’Donnell.

Leah also captured her reflection about Kate Roberts and Maggie B Roberts’ closing session.

Notes from Leah O'Donnell

Notes from Leah O’Donnell

I used the notepad on my computer to capture thoughts.

notes on ed collab roberts

After the closing session, I went to Walmart to buy a sketchbook to make a demonstration notebook.  What a practical idea!  Kate and Maggie have a video about this teaching tool on their website here.

This rich conference went on in my kitchen, my living room, and in my bedroom.  It went wherever my laptop would go.  I ate lunch, folded clothes, and took notes and notes. I will go back to the archived sessions that I didn’t see.  Thanks to Chris Lehman and his fabulous team for this free and amazing video series.

If you have written a post reflecting on the Ed Collaborative Gathering or on any aspect of digital literacy, link up below.  Please read and comment on other posts.



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