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Poetry Friday round-up with Laura Purdie Salas

Poetry Friday round-up with Laura Purdie Salas


Day 5 is with Janet at Live your Poem

Day 5 is with Janet at Live your Poem

National Poetry Month is in full swing.  My students are steeping in poetry.  They are writing and reading poems every day.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is a favorite in my classroom, so I shared her site The Poem Farm on Wonder Wednesday.   She is writing poems every day about the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis.  The thing that caught my students’ eyes was Amy’s abecedarian poem, To Make Compost.

Some of my students took the challenge to write an abecedarian poem.  Emily was inspired to write about animals in a zoo.  She imagined all the animals and searched for verbs and adjectives to describe them.

Koo-Koo Zoo

Any zoo has animals
But ours are special we have:
Caring Cats
Dancing Donkeys
Eager Elephants
Flying Ferrets
Giggling Giraffes
Howling Hummingbirds
Ignorant Iguanas
Jogging Jellyfish
Karaoke Kangaroos
Laughing Llamas
Magic Monkeys
Nerdy Newts
Offended Octopi
Parachuting Parrots
Quizzing Quails
Racing Rhinos
Sailing Snakes
Tap Dancing Tigers
Untidy Unicorns
Vanishing Vultures
Wrestling Walrusses
X-raying Eels
Yodeling Yachts
Zipping Zebras

–Emily, 5th grade

Vannisa worked for 2 days on her poem.  She used a dictionary to help her find the words she wanted to say.  She was looking for unique words to express her philosophy of kindness.

All of your actions are
Beyond what you think

Continuous caring
Decreases your selfishness
Exercises your soul

Into a
Jungle where
Kindness and
Love are
Never wasted

On a fast
Under and over

X-ing out negativity,
Yawing around the city,
Zigzagging everywhere, is love

–Vannisa, 6th grade

I am writing a poem a day to images.  This is a picture of flowers growing in our front flower bed taken through the arrowslits in the entryway to our house.  Our house is like a castle, complete with a turret with arrowslits.  When I Googled arrowslits, I the word embrasure came up as a synonym.   Here is a draft of my first ever abecedarian.

flowers in the window

A window
Beyond the

Flowers burst open
Give light to the view
Here, I stop
Invite spring in

Just to
Kiss blinking stars
Linger outside for this

Never would I’ve imagined
Open stars landing here
Popping  and
Quickening to life, they

Return to
Tall each year
Under this

Veranda of the castle
Wings waiting to fly
eXciting space with
Yearning and

–Margaret Simon


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