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Poetry Friday round-up  with Jama At Jama's Alphabet Soup.

Poetry Friday round-up with Jama At Jama’s Alphabet Soup.

This week we brainstormed all the poetry forms we know.  The list included reverso, zeno, haiku, concrete, abecedarian, and so on.  But one form that we didn’t have on the list was the palindrome poem.  That’s because Kielan made it up.  This is what she wrote in her post:

The first, third, and fifth lines are free verse. The second and fourth sentences are palindromic sentences. You can have more than 5 lines, though. Below is an example.

Would you rather
Borrow or rob
My best friend, Bob?
Yo, banana boy!
Leave him alone.


Try to write your own Palindrome.

To write a palindrome poem, you first may need to look at a list of palindromes.  We found this one. 

I gave it a try.

The doggone day I slipped in
dumb mud,
I cursed the blooming
lid off a daffodil.
My mom washed my mouth out with soap.

–Margaret Simon

Jacob was writing this one beginning with the palindrome “Do Geese See God?”  Then he told me that he is afraid of dogs.  I replied “I wonder if God is afraid of dogs?”  Warning: this poem contains a putrid word.

Sometimes I wonder
Do geese see God?
I always tell my dog
“Dog! no poop on God!”
Is God scared of dogs?


Now it’s your turn.  Can you write a palindrome poem?  My students and I want to know.  Write it in the comments or send to me by email and I will add it to this post.

Robyn is adding a line to the Progressive Poem today. Click the image.

Robyn is adding a line to the Progressive Poem today. Click the image.

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