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#imagepoems Day 1 image

#imagepoems Day 1 image

Today is April 1st and April Fool’s Day.  I have fooled myself into thinking I can write a poem every day in April to an image.  This first image was a joke played on me when I entered the bathroom at Ann Taylor Loft.  “Watch out for the mannequins.” I was warned.  I imagined they had wisdom to share.  I also tried to play with the “in” sound.  (Note: If you are playing along with me, put your poem or a link to it in the comments.)


Wisdom of the Mannequins

Appreciate the bare skin of things.

Sometimes it pays to be a skinflint.

Stand up straight and let your hips glide.

Don’t underestimate the power of a soft                                                              brush of blush.

Listen with a tinted ear.

You want to fit in the skin you’re in.

Bend, blend, and be happy.

–Margaret Simon


Poetry Friday round-up with Amy at The Poem Farm.

Poetry Friday round-up with Amy at The Poem Farm.

The Progressive poem begins at Laura’s site: Writing the World for Kids.

Jessica Bigi is joining in the poem-a-day image poems with this taste of spring today:

Moonbeam crowns
Embroidered bumblebee gowns
Brassy trumpet jazz
Teacup gardens steeping
Sweet is spring’s song
Spades Queens Kings

–Jessica Bigi

Art by Jessica Bigi

Art by Jessica Bigi


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