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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge


Photo by Margaret Simon, Jefferson Island

Can you write a poem about green without using the word green?  I posed this question to my students.  A few took the challenge, and I joined in.  I projected 15 Shades of Green from Dictionary.com.  We collected words and wrote.  I had help with mine from Madison who is quite a metaphorical thinker.

Shamrock Field

A harlequin field
sprinkled with clover
and citron rain
releasing hunter’s bows.
Emerald droplets
jade grasses
with diamond light.

–Margaret Simon (c) 2018




 Gentle Light Of  Harlequin,
Emerald Eiffel Illuminated
Within The Forest of Paris
O’So Stock Full of
Chartruesed Jades
And Myrtle-Shamrock
Lining the Azure

–Madison, 4th grade

Poem Without Saying the Word Green

Like a shimmering emerald,

Like a mint on a breezy day,

Like an olive in a celadon salad,

Like a jade gemstone in a glimmering cave

–Jacob, 4th grade

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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge

Poetry Friday round-up is with Linda at Teacher Dance.

Have you thought about found poetry lately?  This week my friend Linda Mitchell posted a found/ black out poem on Facebook.  A day or two later Janet Wong posted a found poem from an article about the Parkland shooting. These two posts inspired me to try my own.

I’ve been reading aloud Tuck Everlasting to a group of students.  Natalie Babbett’s writing is so descriptive and beautiful, so I copied a page from the book and made a black out poem to use as a model poem for my students.

When I shared this with my students as a writing choice, two of my girls chose favorite pages from favorite books to create their own black out poems.

The day was absolutely gorgeous.  Highs in the 60’s, sun shining, not a cloud in the sky.  Who wants to stay inside?

My science kids are doing projects about plants, so I printed an online article for each of them.  We took the articles and clipboards out to the garden to write.

Circling words to create poems, these students enjoyed “finding” poems in nonfiction text. Poetry can be found anywhere!

Jayden’s poem about camellias:

Prized beauty of
exquisite blooms,
splendid evergreen foliage
attractive shrubs
burst into flowers
rest little prodigious garden.

Where will you find a poem today?

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