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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge

As often as I can, I write alongside my students.  On Monday, I shared a poem by Rebecca Kai Dotlich “What I’m Made of” that was published in the Dec./Jan. issue of Scope magazine.

Following a discussion of the choices that Rebecca made in her poem, we brainstormed ideas for our own.  I wrote one as well.  Today, I am sharing my poem.  If you click the slicer badge on the left, you can find my students’ poems.

What I’m Made of

after Rebecca Kai Dotlich


Of trampolines and picnics,
Of hurricanes and Gulf Coast sand,
and dreaming of mountains.
Of birdhouses and biscuits on Sunday morning.
Of pecan picking, clover crowns, and wishes on a dandelion.
Of a locked diary and flooded memories,
Of Beechcrest Drive and Purple Creek,
Of piano lessons and nature hikes,
photo lenses to hide behind.
Of school dances, prom gown of pink organza,
I’m made of Donny & Marie, Ding Dongs by the fireplace,
Of macrame and cross stitch, The Natchez Trace and Brady Bunch.
I am Southern and soft, singing a song,
I am wind, water, and wonder.

–Margaret Simon (c) 2018

I shared the following quote from a fourth grader on Twitter:


Lynzee's Slice image

My student, Lynzee drew this on the board on March 1st. 

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