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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge


In the middle of the night, an Amber Alert alarms on my cell phone.  I put on my glasses, checked the phone, and saw something about a 1979 white Cadillac… I went back to sleep.

At morning recess shouts and screams enter the hallways.  I close my door.

The bell rings, my students enter, visibly stressed, breathing differently, heavier.

We talk about it.  One says, “I’m so tired of all this bullying.  I just want people to get along.” Her eyes tear up.  I offer a hug.

Another student says, “Let’s meditate!  I need it this morning.” Blankets and pillows come out.  Breathing slows as we imagine the stress leaving our bodies.

We breathe slowly in silence for 4 minutes.

We begin the work of the day, reading and writing.

I don’t have any answers for the fears, the cries, the bullying, but I can offer a safe place of mindfulness.  It’s something.  Some days it’s everything.


Note: My student Faith wrote about the fight in this Slice of Life post. 

For meditation, I use Mindful Kids, a box of kid-friendly meditation cards by Whitney Stewart.  Available on Amazon.

Mindful Kids


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What do you do with a perfect day?

Sky’s a clear blue… let’s canoe…bayou still…no wind…smooth strokes…sun setting slow…an orange glow behind the towering smoke stack…abandoned mill…concrete riprap…a nest for trash…discarded life tokens.

A distant roar…speed boat…they see us hanging at the edge…cut the motor……push, pull, turn…cross waves…speed on.

Crossing under the bridge…sun’s gone…sky darkens…paddle strengthens…then we hear it…a distant hoot…the owl swishes overhead…beginning his hunt…who-cooks-for-you-you-all familiar call…calling sunset’s end… pull to dock…warm glow of home.

The idea for this poetry format came from Poets and Writers The Time is Now Writing Prompts. 

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