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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge

Wednesday was not going well.  Hump Day. Pi Day. Family Reading Picnic Day. National Walkout Day.

But that’s not what got me.  It was a bee…in my hair…that I grabbed…it stung…I said s*%#t…all the kids heard me…I cried for help…get the stinger out…Noah to the rescue…I left to get ice.

When I returned, the boys were perched at their computers typing like mad.  They were not just being good boys.  They were slicing!  Something exciting had happened, and the first thing that came to their minds was “This is something to slice about!”

Today in class Mrs. Simon got stung by an unidentified insect but when she got stung it sounded like she was sneezing but when you sneeze you don’t curse out loud on accident. When she got stung she said “I got stung someone come take the stinger out” and as soon as I heard her I was there like the flash. As soon as I saw where she got stung (which was pretty easy because that was the only place on her hand that she wasn’t covering at the moment) I yanked it out and the stinger came out pretty easily but the stinger was super long and at the end it had some of the end of the bee on it.

   It was super cool because as soon as I took it out Mrs. Simon went to the lounge and get some ice for it and when she came back she put loads of Germ-X on the cut and then she kept the ice pack on the cut for like ten to twenty minutes on her hand. We all suggested to Mrs. Simon to go to the doctor but she said that it would be alright. As soon as I put the stinger down instead of writing the post I was about to start I started this post about how Mrs. Simon got stung.

Noah, 6th grade

Because it was Pi Day, we were writing Pi-ku.  I used the 3.14159 syllable count. Here’s my silly one about the sting:

That bee stung
my ring finger.

Pull the stinger out!
Put ice on the red bump swelling fast.

At the time of this writing, my fingertip is sore but not too swollen.  I think I’ll live.

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