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Today I’m tired.  I spent yesterday outdoors in wonderful warm spring air at the Festival International de Louisiane.  Today I am tired all over my body.  We walked, we drank, we ate festival food, and danced.  Too much.  Today I wasn’t going to write, but my friend in this daily poetry game, Christie Wyman, wrote using online magnetic poetry, nature version, because she didn’t want to get off the sofa.  Like Christie, I am writing by moving pieces around on my computer.  Is this really writing?  Thus the title for today’s blog, Lazy Poet.


Being an itinerant teacher, I drive from parking lot to parking lot.  During March Slice of Life Challenge, I wrote about the shoe in the parking lot that seemed to be haunting me.  This week, I noticed a tiny wild flower blossoming amidst the stones.  So here’s a little quiet moment to breathe.

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