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Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for creating an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write and share.

Waking up this early Thursday I didn’t know what I should write. Daily slicing is a good discipline, but I am not as motivated this year as I remember being in the past. Who knows why. Thank goodness this is a community full of ideas for writing, so after reading Elisabeth’s post which was inspired by Hannah, I decided to do Three Things I’m Thankful for Thursday.

French Press Coffee
  1. French Press Coffee: I needed a new coffee routine because my Keurig has been acting up, so I bought a French Press. Now I grind beans, heat water, pour over, press and create a fresh cup of coffee for my morning latté. Always frothed oak milk and a pottery mug!

2. Flowers on my morning walk: Azaleas are blooming. A sure sign of spring!

Azaleas in my front yard.

3. Sisters Text: Almost every day my three daughters and I exchange a text in a group. Last night we were talking about the upcoming wedding of my niece, their cousin. My youngest daughter was having dinner with my grandson, her nephew and sent this photo.

Martha wrote, “I’m on a date but he just called me Sophie so it’s not going well.”

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Today’s Round-up for Spiritual Thursday posts is at Linda Mitchell’s site, A Word Edgewise.

I like to buy flowers. When I go to the grocery store, I often put a bouquet of flowers in my basket. I consider it rescuing them from certain death. Sometimes I find someone to give them to and other times, I cut them and place them in a vase for my husband and me to enjoy. Flowers just make life better.

Colorful roses from Walmart

The other day my neighbor shouted from her doorway, “Don’t go! I want to show you something.”

She brought out the amaryllis bulb I had place on her doorstep around Christmas time. It was blooming, a beautiful white double blossom.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she cried. “Do you want it back?”

“Of course not. It’s meant for you to enjoy.”

“I do love flowers, you know.”

Heart card collage by Margaret Simon

What is in your heart today? Love, gratitude, grief? It’s all there. Take time today to hold your own heart with compassion. Buy yourself flowers.

To end this post, I want to share Avalyn’s heart poem. This was not my doing. She saw it in a book (Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog) that you can make a poem into a shape, so she wanted to try it. I showed her a quick YouTube video, and she created her own.

Concrete heart poem by Avalyn

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Joining a community of writers responding to
open invitation no. 59 at
Sharing Our Stories Magic.

You know how sometimes without any prompting from you a “memory” pops up on your phone, a photo that you’d totally forgotten about and most often, enjoy seeing again. Jogging a memory of another time and place. But I’ve noticed when it comes to flowers, the memories are a repeated vision of the flower I took a picture of yesterday. That happened to me twice this week. Blooming seems so miraculous and random and something we have little control over. It just happens. There is consistency in the blooming of a flower. They come back around again.

This week I took a picture of this amazing gladiola. I shared a small poem in response on my Instagram.

This May morning
shows its gladiola heart
sipping summer sun.
Margaret Simon, #haiku #poemsofpresence

I found a similar photo in my phone album from a year ago. Last year during lock down when I was walking every day.

On Monday, I heard a call for poems from Kwame Alexander on NPR. He creates crowdsourced poems based on small poems people send in. This week’s prompt was from Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise.” I wrote and sent in this small poem.

Still, I rise
with the sun
following a path
through watermint
where the scent 
fills me.

Still, I rise
to feel her gentle kicks
inside a waterwomb
knowing love grows
from my seed.

Still, I rise
to watch ducklings
drop to waterglory
following Mama hen
through fervent streams.  

Margaret Simon, all rights reserved

So I rise each day for a walk. I take photographs of flowers again and again. I will keep taking photos of flowers. Why not? They make me happy!

This Canna Lily came back after the big freeze. I take a picture of it every year.
Gardenia is my favorite scent. I’ve been unsuccessful at the growing of a gardenia bush.
For now, I enjoy cut ones in a vase in the church hall.

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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

For DigiLit Sunday, I invited friends to submit flower poems for this Thinglink video. I have been working on Thinglink this summer through their teacher’s challenge. I have also been participating in the National Writing Project and Innovative Educators Making Learning Connected (CLMOOC). Thinglink offered me a preview of their video application. CLMOOC challenged us this week to think about games. Combining the two, we played with flower poems. I want to thank those who took the challenge to write a flower poem and contribute to this video: Sheri Edwards, Diane Mayr, Linda Baie, and Kaylie Bonin. Each flower poem is linked to the video. I used Tapestry to publish the poems.

Use this link to find the video: http://video.thinglink.com/v/132

Click to follow the link to Thinglink video.

Click to follow the link to Thinglink video.

Thinglink is offering to you, my readers, an early access code to Thinglink for video. First sign up for a teacher account on Thinglink. Then login to your account on video.thinglink.com This is your unique access code: tlvideo_for_reflectionsontheteche.

Here is a How to video from Susan Oxnevad.

Link up your DigiLit Sunday post with Mr. Linky:

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Poetry Friday Round-up

Poetry Friday Round-up

Join the 4th of July Poetry Friday Roundup at My Juicy Little Universe.

A friend posted a video on Facebook. You may have seen it, too, of the elapsed time photos of flowers blooming. I was inspired to write short poems, haiku-type, about the different flowers. For each one, I googled the flower and used facts in the creation of the poem. For example, a gladiola is also known as a sword lily. Then I found creative commons photos, uploaded to Tapestry, and wrote a poem. I would like to include more poems in my Thinglink video creation, so if you would like to add a poem, please write one in the comments. Or you can do it in Tapestry and send me the link. I’ll post the link for the final video on Sunday on my DigiLit Sunday post. Also, on Sunday I’ll have an offer code from Thinglink for early access to Thinglink for video.

Daylily Sunshine

Iris Rising

Glad Sunshine

Click the image below to watch A Vida Das Flores.

Click to follow the link to Thinglink video.

Click to follow the link to Thinglink video.

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Discover. Play. Build.

Slice of Life Day 29.  Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

Slice of Life Day 15. Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

Last night there was a huge storm that shook the house and upset the dog. Yet, this morning, this new spring day, brings green. All colors of green. Like someone turned on the lights and waved a magic green light over everything. Who wouldn’t want to Celebrate!

I love that Ruth Ayres invites us to Celebrate on Saturdays. This post makes me look deeper to see what is truly wonderful in my life. While I love my students and my blogging community, today I want to offer up what I love most in this world, my family.

I am blessed with three beautiful, successful daughters. This week, the youngest, Martha, was home from Chicago. She was relaxing and preparing for her final semester of graduate school. We toasted together the final tuition payment.

No more tuition payments!

No more tuition payments!

I was a little sad that I was working all week, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Martha. I took her for a mother/daughter pedicure on her last afternoon. I’m the one with the bright green to celebrate spring. Martha says, “It’s still winter in Chicago.” She selected a subdued grey.


Martha flew out this morning, but there is no time for tears. We are giving a party tonight for my oldest daughter’s best friend. Katie and Maggie have been friends since they were 3 years old. Last night we made nosegay flower arrangements in mason jars.

flower arrangements

So, today I celebrate my family, my lovely girls and their generous spirit. I celebrate being a mom of adult children. No one ever told me how wonderful this stage of life would be. Celebrate!

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Slice of Life Day 11.  Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

Slice of Life Day 11. Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

Faced with another Slice, I turned to the Two Writing Teachers blog for inspiration. Never fails. On March 8th, they featured an idea used by blogger Mandy Robek “10 Things Right Now.”

1. My friend, James Edmunds (Poor Clio) posted on Facebook “loved today’s March watercolor sunshine.”

2. Reading poetry by Barbara Crooker.

each day, we climb
a few more inches
up the ladder of light,
and grackles and redwings
return, bringing postcards
of tropical sun.

3. Started A Snicker of Magic: Felicity Juniper Pickle collects words:

Paper star
Poppy-seed muffin

4. Tulips on the kitchen table.


5. Remembering my Uncle Stu. His funeral was yesterday in Georgia. I wasn’t there. My mother wasn’t there. I thought of my cousins all day long. My uncle always hated to say goodbye.

6. My husband has been cancer free for 8 years! Here’s a picture of his new running shoes. Aren’t they cool? St. Patrick’s Day green!

Jeff's new running shoes

Jeff’s new running shoes

7. Meditating for two weeks. Here is a sample from my journal:

Meditation on the words from Emily Dickinson, “Love is the furniture.”
The chair holds me, all my thoughts I brush away with a word.
I sit again and again
in silence, waiting for angel’s wings,
symbols of love.
No words, no thought.
Just light
twisted, jeweled light
wrapping me up in love.

–Margaret Simon

8. The return of my former student to Slice with us. I have missed her voice. This is a small sample of a poem she wrote about Mother Nature. Our class blog is here.

Her feelings come and go
As quickly as leaves fall
In the brisk autumn months.
Her heart will always be with the earth.
If you are quiet, you can hear her heart thumping, thumping,
Dancing to the beat of the cicada song,

9. Cooking with my daughter: The menu is shrimp tacos with mango salsa.

10. Supportive principals: School #1, I got permission to take my 5 gifted students to a local fast food restaurant to solicit donations for an upcoming community service project. School #2, One of my third graders wants to raise funds and food for the local Humane Society. She wrote out notes of her plan and presented it to the principal at recess. She got the go ahead.

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Discover. Play. Build.

Celebration Saturday is here! I am happy Ruth Ayres started this tradition. It makes me stop every Saturday and think about the week in a positive way. Yesterday Ruth wrote:

I think too busy means I’m missing real life. Too busy means I’m swept up by the current panic or the flashy trend.

Too busy means I’m surviving.

Life should be more than survival.

Because when we are trapped in survival, it is too easy to believe we can’t do anything powerful or meaningful or worthy. It is too easy for the day to wrap around us and to feel like the only choice is to react

Life should be more than reaction.

I’m wondering if the way to step over (or maybe to step on) too busy, is to find the celebration.

Her words spoke to me because I feel I went into the panic mode last week and began the crazy mantra that I’m too busy. Her words made me stop. OK, breathe and look around you for things to celebrate.
Last night I made Tortilla Soup. That is something to celebrate, time to cook and time for soup!


The air has gotten cooler. The flowers in my front flower bed opened up to this cool air. They remind me every morning to open up to the air and see the light.

Brooke bday

Brooklyn celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday. I brought sprinkle donuts and satsumas. She brought homemade chocolate chip cookies. We took a break from all our writing to celebrate Brooklyn. I gave her a journal. She waved it at me and said, “You gave me the gift of writing!”

Before we took the break, V. was writing at the computer. She saw the google doodle and played with the changing ink blots. She announced, “I see a cat with wings.”
I said, “You should write a poem about the cat with wings.”
She got up and threw herself on the pillows in the reading center exclaiming, “I can’t take all this writing!” Hilarious. I had to take her picture.

Too much writing

What are you celebrating this week? Take a moment to stop, breathe in the cooler air, and celebrate your life.

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