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National Poetry Month 2018

Pileated woodpecker by Ralph Fletcher

When I saw this photo from Ralph on Facebook, I knew I had to write about it.  And yesterday, April 17th was National Haiku Day, and I forgot, so here’s a quick haiku fo honor Mama Woodpecker.

Knocking down walls
wood thin, cleaning out closets
woodpecker nesting

–Margaret Simon, (c) 2018

Click over to Ralph’s photography page to see a video of this mother nesting.


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National Poetry Month 2018

Welcome to Day One of National Poetry Month. Happy Easter! I am writing ekphrastic poetry this month, that is, poetry about art. The artists featured this month have all given permission for me to use their work.

Duck Crush by Ralph Fletcher

Looking into the mirror,
can I define perfection
as a glass mosaic
arranged without cuts or cracks?
Is this how God sees us?
Beauty reflecting beauty?

Margaret Simon (c) 2018

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