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30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 9: Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem utilizing all 12 words.

The proof for Blessen, my first novel for young readers.

The proof of Blessen came on Easter Eve, like a long-awaited gift.  I read it aloud to my husband on our drive to and from New Orleans to be with daughters for Easter.  He enjoyed it.  We talked about word choices and together made some changes.  Now Blessen belongs to both of us.  So today, with this challenge, I opened my book to find the required words from the first page.  I hope the poem captures both my apprehension and excitement about this new literary adventure.

verbs: cackling, hear, flip-flop, birthing

adjectives: big, feathery, thick, proud

nouns: morning, voice, coop, egg

Blue Morning

Cackling of a big feathery hen
wakes up this morning.
Blessen flip-flops to the coop
proud of the newly laid egg.

The birthing of a literary adventure
traveling down the bayou
searching for a home.

Her voice rises in a joyful call,
“I am here, Lord,
ready for this new day!”

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