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Easter Lily

30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 8: Write a Cinquain on a topic of your choice (1st line = 2 syllables, 2nd line = 4 syllables, 3rd line = 6 syllables, 4th line = 8 syllables, 5th (final line) = 2 syllables).
opens in time
to hear the joyous hymns–
Alleluias raise, trumpets sound
He lives!
My friend and colleague, Coty Eastin, is also taking the challenge.  She sent me this message, “Margaret,
Today’s cinquain: not deep in structure, but the most precious truth I know.
I enjoy the challenge of writing a poem each day through the fb prompt. Thanks for sharing yours on your blog.”
Night defeated!
For our sins he suffered
so that we might know the light of a
New Day!

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