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Bad Poetry

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 14 Write a bad poem.

Yesterday I wrote about how my students and I write together:  The Knockout Punch.  One day a few weeks ago, my students and I were writing list poems.  What I started with was a list of poetic forms.  Then I tried to rhyme, which I am really bad at.  My student Matthew added a line. (Look for it in italics.)  All day in and out of classes, I worked scratching out, rewording, and asking their advice.  At the end of the day, I still had a bad poem.  Some days you just catch a boot.  I should’ve thrown it back in, but here it is, ready for today’s challenge.

A Poetry Lesson

What kind of poem will you write?
Can you feel the beat?
Will you be a poet or a rapper on the street?
Can you write like Robert Frost
or William Carlos Wiliams?
This is just to say,
you can write your own way.
Please don’t write like Poe,
Cause he gives me the chillins
Read it aloud
Or share it on a blog.
Fill the world with imagery,
metaphor or simile.
You can decide what poet you will be.
Don’t forget to sign your name,
and thank your teacher, me.

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