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Blackberry Time

30 Day Poetry Challenge #3: Find the nearest book.  Turn to page 8.  Copy the first ten words and create a poem.

From page 8 of The Hunger Games: “a few blackberries from the bushes around us. And may…”

Blackberry Time

A few blackberries from the bushes
around us and may
I hold the flavor
on my tongue
now turning purple.
The juice running down through
my fingers staining
my jeans.  The vine grows
like a weed
among thorns
with this small gift of plump purple bites
never asking permission
to invade the flower bed.
Like the love of a teenager,
sweetness grows out of pain.

And a prompt from Bud the Teacher: “Some apples are gifts for special people.  Others are poison.  Which one is this?”

Comment: Sometimes when kids leave home, they leave behind disgusting things.

An Apple

Did you leave
the half-eaten apple
in the drawer behind
the peaches
rotting slowly?

Now that you are gone,
shall I take a bite
to remember you by?
No one is worth
the risk.

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