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Poetic Silence

Day 10: Pick a one-line song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it. The poem need not be directly related to the song.

…my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence.

—Paul Simon

In silence, our poems live
In sharing, our poems grow.
Today was my first day to introduce the poetry challenge to my gifted students.   Their challenge:  Using ABCs of poetry forms, write a poem each day.  We started with Acrostics.  Tomorrow…Bio-poems.  I shared my acrostic poem from Day 1 of the 30 Day Poetry Challenge.
I enjoyed the results.  I told them that the poem should not be about them, but should use the initial letters from their names.  This was part of the 30 Day Challenge, and I was surprised at how well they did.  Here are a few:
Batting at home place
Racing base to base
Outfield players catching pop-ups
“Out” yells the umpire when the batter has three strikes
Keeping your eye on the ball
Letting the time run from you
Yelling coming from the bleachers
Never getting defeated
Kindling the fire
Ablaze in the midnight sky
Yawns bounce with the light breeze
Locusts chirping
In a sweet melody

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