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Slice of Life #6

On the bumper of my red Camry is a bumper sticker that reads, “Do No Harm.” I’ve had that same bumper sticker for at least 3 years. But today I had an unusual reaction to it. When I pulled into the post office after school, a woman yelled to me from her car, “Do you love the Lord?!”

I responded, “What?” Here I am just going to the post office, innocent and unsuspecting. What right did she have to interrupt my focused attention? I looked toward her car, bent down to see her in the driver’s seat opening her mail. She repeated her question.
“I saw your bumper sticker. Do no harm. You must love the Lord.”

I smiled and said, “Of course, I do. I also like the one that says Practice random acts of kindness.”

She did not want to have a conversation about bumper sticker sayings. She wanted to tell me that if you love the Lord, you will do no harm. “And those who harm others will one day get there’s.”

As I continued into the post office, I thought about how we send a message not only with our bumper stickers, but also in our response to others. At one time in my life, I probably wouldn’t have entered into a conversation with a stranger in a car yelling about loving the Lord. I have learned through experience that everyone just wants to be loved. And why not spread a little love in a parking lot. Sure beats the alternative.

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Surprised by Spring

Every year it happens,
Every year I am surprised.
Every year the same,
yet every year, different.
Spring is here!
When I went to bed on Leap Day,
the air was balmy and warm,
yet on the morning of March 1
a miracle appeared…
Azaleas do not bloom flower by flower.
They bloom as a whole bush.
One day green, the next a bright ball of pink fluff.
What a surprise!
How wonderful that God can do this every year,
every March, show me His glory
In a bright burst of blooms!

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