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Dancin’ before Noon

Since Jeff and I started dancing a little over a year ago, one of our favorite places to go Zydeco has become Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge.  The band starts at 8:00 AM.  We arrived this morning around 9 and the line was out on the sidewalk.  We were entertaining Jeff’s brother and his wife from Seattle.  They got a great taste of Cajun Saturday morning.

Starting with a red tomatoey Bloody Mary topped with garnish of green beans, olives, lemon, and lime, we ordered decadent fried eggs over biscuits drenched in crawfish etouffee.    But not until we danced a few.  Jeff likes to say that in South Louisiana, Sunday morning may be the most segregated, but Saturday morning dancin’ is the most integrated.  There were old men dancing with young women, black men with white women, black women with white men, adults dancing with children, and mothers with daughters.  Everyone joins in, swinging and smiling, two-stepping and jitter-bugging.

I wore my new black lizard cowboy boots and felt right in fashion.  The band was Corey Ledet and his Zydeco Band complete with accordion and washboard.  At Cafe des Amis, there are a few regulars who may even be on the payroll just to come dance with the tourists.

After filling our tummies and dancing shoulder to shoulder with perfect strangers, we drove down to St. Martinville and stopped at the Acadian Memorial Festival.  There to a three piece Cajun band, we danced again, but this time out in the street with all the space we could want.  Few others were dancing.  Then we took a walk along the bayou to view the display of wooden boats.

Acadian Memorial Festival

A beautiful warm Saturday in Cajun Country.

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