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Here down South in Bayou country, we like our Zydeco.  Today at Vermilionville, we danced the two-step and jitterbug to a new band Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble.  What a treat to see a young boy playing the washboard (or rub-board) like the music was in his soul and had to come out.  I stopped his young mother to ask her if I could video him.  Looking proud, she told me Cam’ron is six-years-old, her first cousin is Curley, and Cam’ron has already been on the front page of The Times.  (I think she meant The Times of Acadiana.)  Cam’ron is heading for fame!

Zydeco literally means in Cajun French, leh-zy-dee-co sohn pah salay, “the beans have no salt.”  Made popular by the legendary “King of Zydeco” Clifton Chenier, the combination of Cajun, Creole, R&B, jazz, and blues sound includes an upbeat rhythm played traditionally on an accordion and a washboard.

When I asked Cam’ron’s mother if he was learning to play the accordion, she said, “He’s been pullin’ some.”

Today, we decided that a little trouble can be a good thing.

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