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"Real Queens are not MADE~They are BORN!"
~Queen de Bling, Berry Head Boss Queen
and Her Royal Hi-ness, Queen of the Berry

I am a Berry Queen Diva.  The Berry Queens are the brilliant invention of Jerre Borland.  I met Jerre five years ago when we were both lobbying for the National Writing Project on Capitol Hill.  Jerre told our representatives that she had two passions, the Writing Project and Habitat for Humanity.  When I first met Jerre, I knew she was someone who wanted to make a difference.

Jerre had three goals for the Berry Queens: to raise funds for Iberia Habitat for Humanity while having fun, and, in the meantime, allow women to “wear a tiara and act up a little.”  We do all three.  This weekend I am in Jackson, MS for the Sweet Potato Queen Weekend.  Groups of queens come from all over to enjoy a weekend of fun: the Big Hat Lunch, the Big Hair Ball, Zippity Do-Dah parade, and a Pearls & PJs Party.

Being a Berry Queen gives me the opportunity to step out of my everyday teacher persona and be someone new.  I can put on a bright red wig, false eyelashes, and blingy jewelry and celebrate being a women, all the while raising funds or rather “fun” for Habitat for Humanity.

It’s easy being Queenly in the Berry!

Queen Puss-n-Boots (my friend, Cathy) and Queen of Good Will (me)

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