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This Slice of Life Challenge has been like an online class, writing community, support group all in one neat package.  The inspirations I have gotten, along with teaching ideas and life lessons, have been invaluable to me.  Another slicer did a book spine poem.  See Teacher Dance.  Like the villanelle, this was a new one for me.  I can’t wait to try it with my students and watch them pull books off the shelf.  A creative use of the classroom library.  Will the librarian allow us to do it in the school library?

Creating my own book spine poem, I stacked some of my books about writing.  We writers collect books that give us advice.  Some of my books are about my own personal writing, some for teaching writing.  I sculpted the stack to try to make the titles work together, but I still wanted to insert text.  Reminds me of working with paste pot poetry or magnetic poetry.

For more information on the book spine cento challenge, check out this blog:  100 Scope Notes.

Word weaving
into one writer's beginnings
awakening the heart and my
wild mind.
The muses among us inspire
the right to write.
Now I am writing brave & free.
Everything is illuminated!

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