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Why I Write

I borrowed this list poem idea from a fellow Slicer: Meandering Maya

Why I Write: Slice 12 0f 31

I write while I’m doing the laundry,
or cooking a meal,
or grading papers.
I write as my dog curls up in my lap
(I love the comfort of his warm curls.)
I write to show students how.
I write to show students they can.
I write because I need courage.
I write because it gives me courage,
and a voice, and a reason for
I write to tell you about my life.
I write to tell me about my life.
I write to discover a new world,
a new character,
or to build a story,
or to find a story.
I write to impress,
I said it.
I write to have something to show for it.
I write to connect to others.
I write to take myself away from it all.
I write to belong.

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